Selling A Home July 5, 2022

Home Selling Check List

Are you getting ready to sell your home, and you don’t know where to start?

Here is a seller check list!

  • Make a to do list. Walk around your home and make a list of priorities to prepare the home for sale. Do you need to paint? Do you need to update carpets or flooring? Are there inconsistent light switch plates or missing light bulbs? Start by writing down a priority list and prepare a budget for the sale.
  • Declutter the home. Pack away mementos, nicknacks, family photos, trophies, as well as items you do not need for every day use. This will help you to get a head start on packing and make the home feel like a neutral space for a home buyer.
  • Clean! You will need to do a deep clean of the home top to bottom, as well as the exterior surfaces, sidewalks,  and landscaping of the home. Clean houses always sell better than dirty houses!
  • Consider making upgrades to the home. Recently, Coldwell Banker conducted a survey of home buyers most desired upgrades in a home purchase. As a result, they stated upgraded kitchens, updated bathrooms, HVAC updates all topped the list of desired updates. An insider tip – my buyers love it when they see a home owner has an updated roof and gutter system!

Are you thinking of  making some updates, but you don’t want to pay upfront, consider Coldwell Banker’s RealVitalize Partner Program. It is a pay-at-closing option for home sellers. There is no loan, no lien on your home and no credit check. Once the home sells, you pay at closing from your proceeds from your sale. You also get matched with a project manager who will help you from start to finish. No quotes to obtain from contractors – your project manager does this for you. This program has helped my sellers get TOP dollar for their home! Contact me for more info.

To schedule a free seller consultation or to learn about the value of your home, click here to see my calendar.