Home Buying Tips September 25, 2022

New Construction Buying: 3 Part Video Series

Are you interested in purchasing new construction property? In my three part video series, I discuss what you should do before talking with a builder.

Part One: Hire a Buyer’s Agent

When you walk into a new construction show room, the sales people you encounter are working for the builder, not you the buyer. You have an option and right to have representation in the purchase. Hire a buyer’s agent. Many builders offer buyer agent commission as an incentive.

Here is my video on the topic:


Part Two: The Builder’s Contract

The buying agent will help you navigate the builder’s contract. The contract is typically in favor of the builder, and your agent can help you navigate the contract. Your agent will also help you make sure you are registered up front for the incentives, inspections, deposits and understand the rights you have in the contract as a buyer.

Part Three: Inspections

You need an inspection, even on new construction. You need to negotiate a Pre-drywall inspection, Post-dry wall inspection, and your inspector to be present at the final walk-through.